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Lantern Cafe
Dining 2018
Part of the 2020 Project 1st Delivery, the new Dining Center just opened it's doors in Fall 2018.
The Summits Marketplace
Located in the Summits Residential Community and offering a wide variety of snack and on the go food options. Open to everyone.
Lakeside Catering
We offer Buffet Style, Drop & Go, or Fine Dining options to fit the needs of all of our Campus Clients
The Yablokoff-Wallace Dining Center
We offer a wide variety of food options for all guests and have plenty of inside seating area. Tour groups are welcome.
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Welcome to UC Merced Dining Services

Campus Dining Services is committed to meeting the diverse culinary needs of the campus community.  We pledge to run an environmentally conscientious operation and foster a safe and congenial atmosphere that encourages dining to be a shared experience that supports the academic endeavors of our campus community.

UC Merced Vision

Our vision is to strengthen the cultural and social bonds of campus life.  We provide a selection of dining, retail, and catering services designed to attract students to UC Merced campus life and support students in their commitment to socially responsible practices.  Dining services is a positive contributor to the college life experience on the UC Merced campus.