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Welcome to UC Merced Dining Services

Welcome to UC Merced Dining Services

UC Merced Dining is committed to providing the highest quality, best-tasting and most diverse menu possible for the campus community. Our passion and experience show in the food we prepare on a daily basis. Food preparation, presentation, and service are our top priority. Our friendly team of dining professionals maintains an environment that's clean, friendly, courteous and respectful of all guests and their dining needs. We understand that each and every customer has a specific set of dietary needs. UC Merced Dining is here for you whether you are looking for a cheeseburger or a vegetarian meal. Whether you are on the go or have time to linger, UC Merced Dining will always provide you with healthy and hearty cuisine to suit your taste and appetite.

UC Merced Dining Extras

At each meal, we produce a variety of entrée selections. Our dining hall provides fresh homemade soups, grilled hamburgers, steamed vegetables, a fully stocked salad bar, deli sandwiches, desserts, and a well stocked supply of assorted juices, milks, sodas, teas, coffees, and other beverages.

Exhibition Cooking

Asian food fresh from the Wok, grilled sandwiches, homemade pizza, tacos and burritos made fresh to order. These are just a few of the items you can enjoy at the Yablokoff-Wallace Dining Dining Center. Come see our chefs in action!

Vegetarian Choices

Daily, we offer vegetarian soups and entrees, fresh vegetable selections, a variety of fruits, and a salad bar. Do you have a vegetarian recipe to recommend to us? Click here to send it to our head chef!

Trans Fatty Acids

UC Merced Dining does not cook with oils that contain trans fatty acids.

Did you know...?

* UC Merced Dining is a non-profit organization.
* UC Merced Dining is University operated and receives no subsidy from the University.
* We pay for all maintenance and renovations of our facilities and assets.
* Whenever possible, UC Merced Dining purchases produce from local farmers.
* We pay living wages to our unionized staff.
* We recycle! We are continually working to develop manageable and effective recycling 
programs at UC Merced Dining.