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Reusable Food Containers




Re-usable container program utilized by the Yablokoff-Wallace Dining Center and food trucks for take out meals. The reusable container allows customers to take their meals to go and the result is less paper or plastic waste which ultimately ends up in the Landfill if it is not composted properly.


Since it’s inauguration to UC Merced in 2011, OZZI Corporation has introduced their reusable container system into Universities and Companies across the country. UC Merced was one of the first customers to integrate our own Campus Card system into the check out and returns of the OZZI machines. Together with the OZZI Corporation, we have prevented tons of disposable containers from making their way to the landfill. Choose to REUSE, and make a difference.


Program Details for On Campus for ALL customers:


1. Customer checks out OZZI container from station.

2. Cashier will charge you .25 at the register for the purchase of OZZI container.

3. Please return the OZZI container at one of the several collection bins or reverse-vending machines on campus

4. Every OZZI container is sanitized and used again, saving thousands of pounds of waste from going to the landfill each year