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OZZI Policies & Procedures

The OZZI Initiative v2.0 - Policies and Procedures

The goal of the Green Container OZZI Initiative is to provide an environmentally responsible way to take meals out of the Dining Center that generates less waste destined for a landfill. The OZZI Initiative began in Fall of 2012 and has received local and regional media recognition, in addition to a California Higher Education Sustainability Committee award for “Best Innovative Waste Reduction Program.”  UC Merced was the first University in the United States to integrate an OZZI machine with a campus card system, allowing customers to manage the container check out and return process with their University ID card and meal plan. Version 2.0 of the OZZI Initiative is designed to be even more convenient than the first version. Make a difference and help us save the planet one meal at a time!

What’s Different? 

There is no longer a $5.00 deposit due at the point of sale when you check out a green container  

·           Customers are now limited to check out three containers at a time. 

      Periodic email reminders to return your container

·          If a container is not returned within 72 hours, a $5.00 late fee will be applied to your meal plan. If you use the program as it is intended, it will never cost you a dime!

         How Does it Work?

1.        Decide whether you are eating in or taking out as soon as you enter the Dining Center.

2.        When taking your food to go, ask a member of our friendly Dining Staff to put your meal in an OZZI container

3.        The cashier will identify you have an OZZI container and will ask you what form of payment you wish to use to purchase your meal.

a.        If CatCard, the campus card system will track your container.

b.        If Cash or Credit and you are a member of the campus community, present your CatCard and the campus card system will track your container.

c.        Green containers are not available for check out without a CatCard.

4.        The cashier will swipe your CatCard, and your account will be noted with the date and time of the container check out.

5.        The clock begins! You have 72 hours to return your OZZI container.

6.        The Campus Card system will send you a reminder email every 24 hours to return your container

7.        Return your container through any of the four OZZI locations on campus (click here for the OZZI Map).

8.        If the OZZI machine successfully reads your card, the screen will indicate your return has been validated and noted to your account.

In the event the OZZI machine cannot read your CatCard, it will accept your container and dispense a token. Since the machine could not read your card, it does not know that you returned your container. Please provide your token (which is proof of yoru return) to any Dining cashier and they will credit your account one container through any one of the Dining registers.

9.        If you fail to return your container within 72 hours, you will receive an email indicating your meal plan account has been debited a $5.00 late fee for not returning the container.

10.      If you still have your container after the 72 hour period, return it through an OZZI and your account will be validated and noted with the return the same as if you had returned the container inside of 72 hours. It is important to us you return your container, even if you return it after a late fee is applied.

11.      You can have a maximum of three containers checked out at any time. In the event you have three containers checked out, returning any of the three containers will validate the first container you checked out. For example, if you check three containers in one day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) returning your dinner container will satisfy the return policy for the container you checked out at breakfast.


Stay in the loop! It is simple! Check a container out and make sure you return ANY container within 72 hours. Stay in the loop and you never pay a dime! And you are helping us drastically reduce our waste!

Click here to view OZZI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) 

The OZZI machine was created by Bill Andreozzi and the OZZI Corporation. Click here to see a video of bill praising UC Merced for our efforts to reduce waste and save the planet one meal at a time!