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OZZI Initiative FAQ’s


Can I get my late fee back?

No, late fees are not refundable. However, if you are charged a late fee for not returning your container, you can still return the container through an OZZI and your account will be credited one container.

What if the machine malfunctions during my return?

Ask a Dining Center Manager or Supervisor to help you out. They all wear name tags and are easy to identify. You can also email dining@ucmerced.edufor customer service support

What is the maximum amount of containers I can have checked out at one time?

You can have three containers checked out at any given time.

What happens if I attempt to check out and the system says I already have three containers checked out?

If you attempt to check out a fourth container and the system denies you, you can purchase the container for $5.00, or transfer your food to in-house dishware.

If I find an OZZI container abandoned somewhere on campus, what do I do with it?

Return it though an OZZI machine! The system keeps track of total returns, and CatCard is working on a rewards program to incentivize those who frequently and properly use this program.

Can I bring you my own container and have you put my meal in it?

No. Because of food safety regulations, Dining Services cannot put our food in a container handed to us by a customer.

Why is there a late fee?

To encourage you to utilize the program properly, and to cover the cost of the container in the event you never return it.