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Fork in the Road Concepts


        Concession Golf Carts: Mondays-Fridays 730am-1030am, and by event

  We have two of these food & beverage concession golf carts that service the campus with hot/cold beverages and prepacked foods as well as some sundries and testing items


               Taco Cart: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 11am to 3pm, and by event 

 The Taco Cart is a mobile concept that serves street-style tacos, churros, Mexican sweet breads.  This cart is towed, and sells in conjunction by a Concession Golf Cart.

Diesel Dogs: Mondays-Fridays 4pm to 8pm, and by event

 Diesel Dogs is a fun food service concept that brings the feel of big city street vendors. Diesel Dogs is a self-contained cart that serves traditional hot dogs as well as two types of sausage and topped with an exciting array of condiments. Meals are packaged with chips and a beverage or available individually. Specials are always popular at Diesel Dogs.  Diesel Dogs is also towed, and sells in conjunction with a Concession Golf Cart.    


               3rd Party Vendors: Monday - Thursday 11am to 2pm, and by event

This concept is a partnership with local restaurateurs to provide meals to the north end of campus during the lunch period in a ‘street food’ environment.  They have become popular destination for a handful of campus events as well! 


Please click here to view the Spring 2017 Third Party Vendor Rotation.