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Service Types


Option 1: Pick Up at Dining

Pick up at Dining is great for smaller orders. We will package everything for you and include disposables for service. All disposables (excluding utensils) are biodegradable and/or compostable, keeping sustainability and the earth in mind. There is no charge to pick up orders at Dining. You discard everything at the end of your event and thats it!


Option 2: Drop & Go Catering

"Drop & Go" is similar to "Pick up at Dining", but instead we deliver your order to you. Utensils and disposables are included for service. "Drop & Go Catering" saves you money (smaller delivery fee) because Catering will not return to clean up your event. This options works well with a student or club event, and events that go late into the evening or are scheduled for weekends.


Option 3: Full Service Catering

"Full Service Catering" is exactly that! China and Linen service, drop off, pick up, and attendees (additional charge applies). This option is best for high-profile events, and events where attendees are necessary.